May 18, 2018 Reception Honoring Virginia “Ginny” Mapes

Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting of the Washington County History Societies Roundtable, and following reception honoring Ginny Mapes on May 18, 2018 at the Garden Home Recreation Center.


poster – May 18, 2018 Reception honoring Ginny Mapes

[Editor: Virginia “Ginny” Mapes authored the first book on the history of Garden Home, Garden Home – the way it was, in 1980. She has gone on to write more books about the history of Garden Home, Beaverton, and Helvetia. Ginny was also the librarian at Garden Home School for many years, fondly remember by thousands of former Garden Home students. Below is a brief memoir shared with us by Ginny.

We are proud to host a reception honoring Ginny at 11:00 AM on Friday, May 18, 2018 at the Garden Home Recreation Center. Free. All are invited.]

Ginny Mapes, 2012 at GHHP celebration of school centennial

I was employed by Beaverton School District as an educator and media specialist for thirty years. As a librarian I loved to take a group of students each year, usually very capable 5th and 6th graders, and create a special program for them. The class met everyday for an hour and was designed to challenge students who might have been bored reading the basal readers in their language art class. Over the years it was filmmaking, puppetry, or Shakespheare plays. In 1979, the students were interested in Backyard History. They started talking with their grandparents and learned some very interesting facts. For instance, there were 62 trains a day going through Garden Home in the 1920s. The stories grew as the students went into high gear researching an interviewing. That is how the book started. We had the help of many volunteers who were willing to go the extra mile with the students and the project. Robert L. Benson, professional historian and cartographer showed students how to create maps. Field trips were planned to Gerry Frank’s Estate and Ross Fogelquist’s home. And so it began . . .  . . . and now it has grown into the Garden Home History Project.

When we published the first book it sold out and we published a second time. More and more people came to us with their stories and that brought about Traces of the Past in 1984.

Here is the listing of books:

  • Mapes, Ginny.  The Tualatins. Hillsboro: Helvetia Community Association 2017.
  • Mapes, Ginny. The Cheesemakers of Helvetia. Hillsboro: Helvetia Community Association. 2017.
  • Mapes, Virginia. Chakeipi: “The Place of the Beaver.” The History of Beaverton Oregon 1893-1993. Tigard: Community Newspapers, Inc. 1993.
  • Mac William, Jill and Virginia Mapes. Traces of the Past: Beaverton, Fanno Creek, Garden Home, McKay, Progress, Whitford.Beaverton: Beaverton School District Print Shop, 1984.
  • Mapes, Virginia. Garden Home ~ The Way It Was. Beaverton: Beaverton School District Print Shop, 1980 and 1982.

Book cover: Garden Home – the way it was. By Ginny Mapes, 1980.

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5 Responses to May 18, 2018 Reception Honoring Virginia “Ginny” Mapes

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  4. Bill Gellatly says:

    Oh, how I wish I’d been able to be at the presentation, and to say “Hello” to Ginny. If I’m not mistaken, her husband Ron is in the pictures wearing the “OREGON” sweatshirt. I still remember their 1964 (or so) MGB, and many race and rally events with Cascade Sports Car Club back in the mid-60’s. Bill Gellatly

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